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Wedding, personal training, weight loss, Vancouver, Le Physique Personal TrainingI approached the Le Physique Staff with the goal of wanting to get into better shape for my wedding day and for a generally healthier future. The service I have received from them went beyond my expectations.
The personal trainers developed a  program tailored to my needs. Rather than solely performing standard exercises, they introduced work-out equipment such as medicine balls, rubber bands, and bosus that challenged me to work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. They also recognized that I had weaknesses in core body strength, balance, and conditioning, so we utilized a series of complex and more advanced exercise to target these deficiencies. I’m definitely better off for having them guide my training.
Thank you to Nicole, Brian, and the entire staff at Le Physique for your unwavering goals, and for providing me the education, support, and encouragement to help me achieve them.
Kim Wlodarczyk, Phamacist – Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, personal training, Motorcycle Rider, Fitness, results, Le Physique Personal TrainingI totally enjoyed training with you guys and learned lots of new things. Even though I HATED Brian when he cranked the stairmaster J. Jerry is absolutely amazed at how much his cardio has improved. We went to the gym and he did 45 min of cardio straight – something he’s never done before (he usually maxes out at 15-20 min!) then we went bike riding and he was amazed that he made it without breaking a sweat.  We both had an amazing experience at Le Physique – thank you!
Lori Eng, Photographer – Vancouver, BC
The trainers at Le Physique have helped me manage to overcome a lot of the problems I had with sciatica – and I feel that I am getting smarter and fitter in dealing with what can develop into a debilitating condition. The support and encouragement I have received from everyone on staff has been incredible. I never thought I would have so many laughs while getting fit and yet every session I have makes my day a lot brighter.
At Le Physique I have always felt 100% supported, these are good and caring people and only want to help you be the best you can be… and better. Just when I think there is no way on earth I am ever going to lift, or squeeze or jump or stay on that running machine any longer I find that I can…I CAN. That’s the best encouragement ever.
Vancouver, BC – Marsha Sibthorpe
Vancouver, Personal Training, Le Physique, Kinesiologists, results, fitness, musicianSince I joined Le Physique I’ve seen amazing results in my body.  I’ve tried to attain the look I wanted through many regular gyms but couldn’t find the motivation to go or the knowledge I needed to do the right exercises.  I found Le Physique so perfect for me because they provide all of the above – all need to do is show up.  They take great care of their clients, keep up to the latest advancements in fitness and you are working out in a world-class facility with all the equipment available to you.
I’m very pleased to say that I have already attained all my goals and have now set up new and higher ones.
Thank you guys!
Eric Zareski, Musician – Vancouver, BC
The difference has been amazing!  A whole new world has opened up for me that include running and cycling and the stress from my job seems to melt away.  The joy that I remember from running when younger has returned.
The team at Le Physique has helped me become much more resilient in mind and body.
There is always lots of variety and nothing gets repetitive. No longer do I plateau and not achieve any results.  Having four grandchildren it’s also important for me to be active with them – sometimes I wear them out!
Betty MacNichol (CHSC), Divisional Safety Coordinator – Costco Wholesale Canada
Vancouver, Personal Training, Jarrett Zavitz, Lacrosse, Skiing, Le Physique Personal Training, fitnessIn order to get ready for my upcoming lacrosse season in the BC Junior A Lacrosse League, Brian stepped in to become my trainer.  Due to an injury I started my previous season completely untrained and inactive for the six weeks leading up to it.  I certainly felt the effects of this as I was considerably weaker and slower to start the season and it took me many games to get up to a playing level I was happy with.  I decided that this season I wanted to go into it with the best chances of doing well.
From February through to the end of March I was working out with Brian three days a week, playing lacrosse two times a week and skiing at least once a week.  The workouts with Brian were great.  He had a specific plan set up for me that took me through many different stages of training so that by the time the season started I would be the strongest and fastest I could be; and I definitely noticed a difference.  Once the season started I noticed I was faster than many people who were once ahead of me and it took a lot longer for me to become exhausted.  This paid off as I was getting more playing time than ever and I was loving the game.
Brian was a major reason I was able to attain this fitness level and I would recommend anyone who is serious about sport to use his knowledge and passion for fitness to give you the best chance of success.
(p.s. And yes, I ski professionally too – hence the great shot of me at Whistler!)
Jarrett Zavitz – Vancouver, BC
At Le Physique Personal Training you are not just another number. They really care. I was immediately impressed with their level of professionalism and concern for reaching my goals.  I had concerns about my physical ability after injuring my back at a public gym. Le Physique took the time to ask the medical questions needed and designed a program that perfectly suited my needs. Over time I have noticed an improvement in my posture, eating habits, energy level, and self-esteem.   Le Physique has helped allow me to be a happier person.
Jay Perron – Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, Personal Training, Success, testimonials, Kinesiologist, Le PHysique Personal TrainingEach time I walk in to Le Physique, I feel welcomed like a member of the family. The staff are down to earth, professional and personable. The studio is well equipped and consistently spotless!
Unlike any other trainer I’ve worked with, Nicole has a beautiful way of merging her playfulness and support with her professional expertise.
In my experience most trainers if focused on form, come across as dry drill Sergent. Nicole has a fantastic ability to ensure (my) meticulous form in a way that is subtle and organic. Nicole goes beyond my expectations designing my training program to be as effective and safe as possible. I feel safe in my technique and championed to push my limits, while actually enjoying my workout!
This is the longest I have stayed consistent and committed to a training program. I owe that in large part to Nicole and her staff for supporting my success and making it a joy to get to the gym every week.
Julie Robbins, Professional Coach and Facilitator – Vancouver, BC
I’m so grateful for your specially designed programs. I am getting all buff and doing so safely and as a result I am staying motivated and feeling fantastic. You rock Nicole!
Jenn Barrett, Principal, Jenn Consulting – Vancouver, BC
Ginny Golding Golf, Vancouver, Personal Training, Kinesiologist, professional, Fitness, Le Physique Personal TrainingBrian Yamanaka excels in the department of golf fitness. As a strong player himself, Brian’s clients and experiences demonstrate that the more fit one is, the easier it is to play, lower your handicap and enhance the overall experience in the game.
His personal, no-nonsense yet relaxed manner inspires golfers to challenge themselves further and become more involved in the game.  While working with Brian, you truly feel like you are in the hands of a professional; safe, motivated, understood.   You will be so pleased that you made the commitment to golf fitness!
Ginny Golding, Canadian PGA, Ginny Golding Golf – Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, Personal Training, Running, Marathon, PB, Scotiabank, Half Marathon, Bootcamp, Fitness, Le Physique Personal TrainingAs a long time runner, I’ve always considered myself “fit,” but a running colleague suggested I try out the Le Physique Runner’s Bootcamp. Not only was it fun, it gave us runners a chance to work out in different ways and improve our overall fitness level, core strength and upper body. The trainers always gave alternative exercises to accommodate different abilities and fitness levels.
After participating in the Runner’s Bootcamp, it helped me lose the weight I’ve always wanted to lose but most importantly, I ran Scotiabank 26 lbs lighter and ended up with a new PB (personal best); 35 minutes faster!
Don Louie – Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, Personal Training, Kinesiologists, Fitness, Weight loss, massage therapist, massage therapy, Le Physique Personal TrainingI have never worked out in a gym before, let alone had a personal trainer. But, after gaining 30 lbs over 6 years and finding out that I had increased blood pressure, I realized that my “active lifestyle” wasn’t working.
At my consultation, Nicole and I came to an agreement to aim for a total loss of 20 lbs. This goal seemed very optimistic to me, but I was encouraged by everyone in the friendly studio and by the challenging and personalised workouts. My program included 1 or 2 sessions per week and after two weeks I was motivated to run 2 to 3 times per week also.
It only took me 8 weeks to loose over 10 lbs! I now have increased energy, lowered blood pressure and my reaccuring injuries haven’t bothered me. The best part is (other than my smaller pant size) that now I feel generally healthier and happier.
Thank you Le Physique, for getting me motivated and making me see that I can make permanent lifestyle changes.
Sonya Scheer, RMT – Vancouver, BC
Nicole, I know you understand that my initial approach about joining Le Physique was painful.  I felt unconfident, shy and scared about revealing my flabby body and lack of fitness to others; but from the first moment, I was made to realize my fears were normal, they were accepted and I was made to feel welcome.
I’d like to thank you and your staff, especially David Hendry for helping me maintain my focus to improve my health.  As you know, after years of lower back pain and neck problems I was determined to strop procrastinating, and to do the work needed to strengthen my problem areas.  After five months of working out at Le Physique, I can’t believe my determination to better myself still thrives thanks to the constant support of David.
From the start David recognized my shyness and heard my fear.  I was terrified of re-injuring my back and found it hard to push past my comfort zone.  With David’s gentle approach, I soon found myself laughing and enjoying myself as my comfort zone’s borders dissolved.  While working together David has explained each exercise, how it helps to strengthen different areas, and why that’s important.  His explanations have educated me about understanding my body; its strengths and its weaknesses, I now recognize his explanations will be lifetime guides to pursuing a healthier body.
I am so thankful that there is a place I can go where I feel comfortable just the way I am.  I have never felt out of place at Le Physique, the staff are always friendly and welcoming, plus your beautiful smile, Nicole, always helps make my day.  As for you David, your ability to put me completely at ease, is something to cherish, never in my life would I have thought I’d enjoy exercising, but I do, thanks to you. Thank you for guiding me and helping me to continue reaching for a much healthier comfort zone.
Cheers to each of you!
Carol Evans – Vancouver, BC
I came to Le Physique tired, discouraged and in chronic pain.  I am now energetic, virtually pain free and very helpful.
My kinesiologist Cat, has a huge depth of knowledge and impressive abilities to problem solve.  These together with her sense of humor, encouragement and empathic nature have down wonders for me.  She knows when to challenge and when to back off so each session is unique and appropriate to that day.
She has taught me skills to promptly cope with minor injuries and how to prevent them in the first place.  Despite being a physician, I have now developed a deep understanding of my body’s response to various stresses, and I have the confidence that I will maintain healthy activity in future years.
Dr. Annette Horton, M.B.B.S., F.R.C.P. (C) – Vancouver, BC
It was a great exercise yesterday ~ thank you!  I felt so good afterwards, and I just love that feeling.  I like the idea of trying a little harder than I can normally handle.
I also wanted to mention that I like working out at your studio very much, because it is personal (one to one) and private.  I also like the changing room (bathroom), because it is big, clean and private.  I am glad I chose your studio for my fitness and training.
Thank you again!
Wako Ando – Vancouver, BC
Having been an avid gym rat over the past few years I was skeptical about getting personal training. What I learned in just a few
client testimonial, patrick weeks, fitnesssessions changed the way I thought about working out. I used to go into the gym crank out a few sets and leave thinking i’d had a good work out. After 1 hour with Brian I was sore for a week. This told me that I was not only out of shape but that I needed to change up my routine to see results. I would not hesitate to reccomend Le Physique to any of clients, friend and colleagues who are looking to make some big changes to their workout regime.
Kind regards,
Patrick Weeks, Realtor – Vancouver, BC

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