TRX Training

TRX training VancouverSometimes the simplest things can be the most satisfying. TRX training uses just two straps and your own body weight to offer a challenging body workout that will transform how you view exercise. You’ll get stronger and more confident. No dumbbells required!
The secret is to know the various moves possible with the TRX system, and we’re pleased to share them all at our beautiful False Creek location. You’ll be surprised at just how many ways you can change things up. That’s exactly why TRX has persisted as a go-to way of getting stronger while bringing variety to your workouts. Plus it’s accessible to all fitness group levels.
It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to dominate a sport, get back in shape, or run faster…TRX is effective, challenging, and fun! TRX will help you get the strength and conditioning you need to achieve your primary goals.

Straps in a suitcase

TRX training is a suspension system developed by a U.S. Navy Seal who needed a portable, functional, and effective workout to help stay in peak condition while on duty. His innovation could be your salvation. You’ll tone every muscle in your body using your own body weight as your resistance while at the same time you’ll be developing strength, balance, flexibility, and core strength. The level of difficulty is managed by you — you can adjust your own body position to add or decrease the resistance.
Studies have shown suspension training can be as effective in building muscles as using weights. We can tell you firsthand that it can also oftentimes be more fun.

Getting started

TRX training uses suspended straps that can be adjusted for length and height. The trainers at Le Physique Health + Fitness will set you up and guide you as you get started and then later as you need a more challenging regimen. We’ll show you various movements and ensure each position reflects your physical ability.
At first, the moves will take some getting used to, just like any new exercise. We’ve all been there. That’s why a small, welcoming environment like the one we offer at Le Physique is a perfect place to start. We offer a supportive atmosphere for getting acclimated. Before you know it, you’ll be suspended just by the strength of your arms.

The right move

Thanks to TRX, you’ll be able to tone all the muscles in your body as well as improve muscle coordination and joint stability. Since our classes are offered in small groups, it’s almost like having a private trainer! TRX training is held in a brightly lit, window-filled room designed with this particular training in mind – so you’ll enjoy an impressive view of beautiful False Creek as you work out!
The best part is the flexibility of TRX training. There’s no pressure. Elite athletes do make use of TRX and so do exercise newbies and seniors who need a change to their routine.
Our certified TRX instructors offer support, ideas, and motivation whenever you want to use our TRX system.