Yamuna Body Rolling


Roll away your aches and pains

Feel comfortable in your body

Learn a simple system of self-care

Yamuna Body Rolling® using the specially designed Yamuna Body Rolling balls and Footwakers enables you to work on yourself just about anywhere, anytime.  Relieve aches and pains – take the impact of the day out of your body and feet.

Feel taller, lighter and relaxed as you let go of tension and create space in the body.  A great way to stretch and an excellent complement to yoga, Pilates or whichever way you like to exercise, Yamuna Body Rolling is the softer side of fitness.  Don’t wear out your joints, create space and comfort in them.

Series 1: Body Rolling Basics (5 weeks)
Week 1: Hamstrings and Back
Week 2: Legs and hips
Week 3: Front of body
Week 4: Sideline
Week 5: Full Body Workout
Series 2: Body Focus (5 weeks)
Week 1: Legs and Feet
Week 2: Hips and Pelvis
Week 3: Shoulders
Week 4: Back
Week 5: Hands and Arms
Register today and treat yourself to a gentle, yet effective workout like no other. Class sizes are kept small and to a maximum of 8 students to allow for tailoring and attention.
Please join us for our next series:
Wednesday February 4th at 6pm (evening class) or
Friday February 6th at 12 (lunchtime class)
5 class series $125 + tax
Earlybird Special: Register for Series 1 and 2, and receive a $25 gift certificate towards any future Yamuna Body rolling class or one-on-one session with Christine.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What IS Body Rolling?
Yamuna Body Rolling is like a deep tissue massage using specially designed 8-10 inch inflatable balls rolled along the body to stretch, elongate the muscles, create space in joints and align the body. It’s a great complement to other exercise regimes such as yoga and Pilates and is a gentle workout in its own right.
Is equipment provided?
Yes, equipment is provided. If you have your own Yamuna balls already, please bring them
What should I wear?
Close fitting exercise clothes. Loose baggy clothing gets caught up on the ball. Wear layers – long sleeves and leggings are best as the ball can pinch bare skin. No underwired bras.
Do I bring my own yoga mat?
Yoga mats are provided – you may prefer to bring your own. Mats are also available for purchase onsite.
How will I feel afterwards?
You are releasing tension from the body, stretching and aligning your body. Most people report feeling lighter, taller and more comfortable in their body with improved posture.
Is it like a foam roller?
Using the balls you can be more muscle-specific and generally the ball feels more comfortable than a foam roller.
I’m an athlete, how will it help me?
It’s a great way to stretch and align the body and helps prevent injury and body breakdown.
Is it strenuous? What if I have injuries?
Most of the work is done lying on a yoga mat using your body weight on the ball. Modifications can be made to suit your level of fitness and to accommodate injury.
We hope you will join us for this amazing class. To learn more about Christine, click here!

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