Benefits of Indoor Climbing

I LOVE climbing.  My fingers tingle every time I see an object worth scaling and I wish I could share that exhilaration with everyone I meet. Why do I love climbing, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

Benefits of indoor climbing – it ain’t just for monkeys

Climbing benefit (1) MIND: Get your brain out of ruts, figure out puzzles and work that grey matter!

“Finding the route” – climbing isn’t just about hulking your way up the wall.  There are tricks, twists, turns to the top.  For me, climbing is a little bit of a chess game, discovering the best, the most graceful, the funnest route to your goal.  Given everyone’s difference in strength, limb length and flexibility, it is a brain workout as much as a body workout.

Climbing benefit (2) BODY:  Get strong, get flexible and look great doing it

Climbing requires strength, flexibility and as an added bonus, grace.  It’s a beautiful sight, watching someone “glide” up the wall effortlessly, and with a little practice, it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Climbing benefit (3) SPIRIT: Overcome your fear of heights

I’ve seen people conquer their fear of heights through indoor climbing and I’ve seen it instil confidence and courage (trust me, when your guts turn to mush when you REALLY push yourself and survive to tell others about your conquest) in the meekest of souls.  Well, okay they weren’t meek, maybe just quiet and needed a little nudge in the self-confidence factor and trust-of-the-rope-factor.

If you’re already in love with climbing, new to the sport and are curious what kind of exercises would benefit your performance, stay tuned for our next blog on climbing specific exercises.

Namaste, and happy climbing!

Your friendly neighbourhood Kinesiologist, Nicole Yamanaka

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